We need your Support!

We need your Support!

Cortina Training Association

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN #45-4701634)


Why your contribution is important:

  • All donations and proceeds to the Cortina Training Association are used for necessary training and safety equipment.
  • We regularly sponsor youth athletes for special events and competitions.
  • We host and present clinics taught by world-class athletes, professional athletes, world renown martial arts and tactics instructors.
  • CTA donates athletic apparel and fitness equipment to members of the community.


The Cortina Training Association (CTA) Vision:

To provide the best fitness, health self-defense and personal development training available. To provide these services at no cost to participants using contributions from participants and the philanthropically inclined.

We will:

  • Provide education and awareness on nutrition focused on overall general well-being.
  • Provide physical training for personal defense and health.
  • Provide individualized programs on specific occupations and sports activities.
  • Focus on specialized law enforcement and military needs.

Our Values:

Our values are driven by a desire to improve life, provide healthy life choices, and to protect those who protect our communities.


The cornerstone for all our activities, we promote the health of our members through education and training.


We treat one another and our clients with respect and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas.


We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our activities.

Our Work:

CTA was founded to provided law enforcement and military members with training focused on reality-based self-defense training. This training encompasses:

  • Adrenal stress reaction training/scenarios
  • Use of force decision making under adrenal and physical stress
  • Effective control techniques
  • Combat conditioning

CTA has grown and also provides training and clinics for:

  • Sport-specific training, clinics and seminars for youth and high school athletic organizations
  • Health, general strength and defense conditioning for the community.

The founder of Cortina Training Association is Anthony Cortina; whose background consists of over 29 years of various martial arts, combat sports and fitness training, earning 10 black belt rankings, induction in the martial arts Master’s Hall of Fame in 2006 and induction into the U.S. Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2011 as Tactical Trainer of the year. Mr. Cortina’s training and study includes numerous courses throughout the United States, 4 months training in Japan; including with members of the Japan Olympic Judo team as the U.S. Student Ambassador to Japan. Mr. Cortina writes for Black Belt Magazine.

Mr. Cortina has 17-years of distinguished service with a Southern California law enforcement agency and is currently a sergeant in charge of a major narcotics unit and SWAT team leader. He has served in a variety of assignments including patrol, canine handler, gang investigations,

training manager, SWAT, field training officer and as a defensive tactics instructor. With over 2000 hours of formal law enforcement training in his background, and having taught firearms and tactics to military, law enforcement and civilians in Germany, France and throughout the United States, including the West Point Military.

Mr. Cortina’s staff is comprised of trained and certified fitness and combat training instructors, many of whom are active law enforcement members.

Mr. Cortina and the staff of CTA currently trains active duty law enforcement officers of more than 10 Southern California agencies and individuals preparing to enter the U.S. military, including SEAL members of the U.S. Navy.

Since the founding of Cortina Training Association, no student has been charged tuition or fees. Mr. Cortina and his staff choose this approach as they desire to:

  • Ensure everyone has an opportunity to train; regardless of their economic status
  • Return a service to the community of which they are a member
  • Show appreciation for the opportunities that were provided to them during their life
  • Enhance the health and vitality of the community.

CTA incorporated as a tax-exempt organization to meet the CTA vision of free services to all participants. CTA is seeking assistance from individuals and corporations that are willing to contribute funding and equipment that will facilitate CTA’s on-going work – providing high quality training without cost. To do this, CTA, under the direction of Mr. Cortina, has set the following funding goals:

1) Obtain top level instructors from around the world for seminars.

2) Lease a larger training facility which will also allow us to provide a location for youth wrestling and martial arts clubs in addition to our current training.

3) Purchase and maintenance of training equipment, utilities and insurance.

If you have any questions, can provide support or contributions for Cortina Training Association, please contact Tony Cortina at: (626) 848-2137 or at cortinatraining@gmail.com.

Thank you,

Tony Cortina

Cortina Training Association

(EIN #45-4701634)


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